ECO - Global Survival [+multiplayer]

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Description ECO - Global Survival [+multiplayer]
Developers: Strange Loop Games
Official Website:
Multiplayer: YES (with Tunngle or own server in LAN).
Interface: English.
Versions: "" and "".
Date of release: 13 February 2018

"ECO-GLOBAL SURViVAL" is a server-type game in which the player is given the opportunity to create and develop his own civilization.
Beginning almost the stone age, the game ends in the fantastic future. In the beginning the world around you has its own ecosystem,
which fortunately you can influence. Deforestation, pollution of nature, the destruction of certain species of animals -
all this affects your universe. The amount of resources is not limitless, so use everything wisely and purposefully.
The game 'ECO' demonstrates how complex the ecosystem of the planet is. Even harmless actions in your civilization
may have serious consequences. And another thing that may be very important to remember: the stronger and the stronger
is your civilization, the more you ought to observe all your actions, otherwise death will be inevitable.
And we suppose you do not want it - even when it comes to computer simulation.
From Author ;
Without engaging others with my opinion, I think "ECO - GLOBAL SURViVAL" is the new better version of 'Minecraft'.
I will not go into selections if games are of same "breed" or the graphic and constructive abilities.
Everyone will judge for themselves and the versions in torrent are two different to play in multiplayer and people with older ones.
[Saves location in: 'C:\Users\ВашетоИме\AppData\LocalLow']

Windows 10, Windows 8.1 x-64 or Windows 7.
Processor: Intel Dual-Core at 2.4 GHz or AMD Dual-Core Athlon at 2.5 GHz.
RAM memory: 2 GB.
Video card: Nvidia GT 440, AMD Radeon HD 5850 or Intel HD Graphics 4000.
Internet connection.
Hard disk space: 1000 MB.
For Problems: Install apps from folder ''HeLp for YOU'.

INSTALLATION with video in torrent or:
2. Start game from "Eco.exe".
3. If you want to create a 'Registration' account in the 'HeLp for YOU'
or enter the username TheTRENERA and a random password.
4. NEW.
5. Enter a name for your world (server).

For MULTIPLAYER variant 1;
1. Run Tunngle and enter room named "ECO - Global Survival Game".
2. Start game from "Eco.exe".
3. If you want to create account open file 'Registration' in folder 'HeLp for YOU'
or enter username TheTRENERA and random password.
4. JOIN - you can check - Refresh.
5. Select server and join.
(you must have the same version of game with host)
[the other two options with Discord and by Dedicated server are shown in video to the torrent]