RUST (multiplayer + Create Server)

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Description RUST (multiplayer + Create Server)
Developers: Facepunch Studios
Official Site:
Multiplayer: YES (Steam and Lan).
Interface: English, French, German, Spanish, Russian, Italian, Chinese and Japanese.
Version: 2038 + autoupdate.
Date of release: 3 December 2017

'Rust' pits players against each other in a harsh, open world environment with the sole goal being to survive.
Animals, such as wolves and bears, represent a threat to new players, but the primary danger comes from other players.
The player vs player combat is accomplished with bows, melee weapons and craftable guns.
Bullets and other projectiles travel via a ballistic trajectory. There are multiple different types of bullets for each gun. Damage is calculated using hit tracking, meaning shots to the head are more damaging than shots to other parts of the body. Weapon attachments, such as holosights,
can be used to give players an advantage. In order to survive, the player must craft tools, build bases, and team with other players.
Unlike many other sandbox games, "Rust" only features a multiplayer mode. Upon starting a new character, the player will have only a rock and a torch, the former of which can be used to cut down trees and break apart stones. In order to survive in the world, the player must gather resources such as wood and stone and use these resources to craft tools, weapons and other gear. The player can gather cloth, food, stone, metal ore, sulfur ore and wood by killing animals, mining rocks
and chopping trees. To craft items, players must have all of the required items.
Sophisticated items require more materials, alongside consumables called components; items scattered around the map.
An important element in Rust are airdrops. These happen randomly, or may be called in by players using rare consumables called supply signals.
Airdrops are parachute-equipped pallets of supplies that are delivered via a propeller plane, and can be seen coming in over extremely long distances,
resulting in players sometimes running towards the airdrop. Another important element in Rust are attack helicopters.
Helicopters spawn in at random intervals and shoot players they see. The player must stay well fed or they will die of starvation.
There are other challenges the player may face during gameplay, such as drowning, hypothermia and attacks from wildlife (primarily from bears and wolves).
Specific locales around the map are radioactive. There are three levels of radiation: low, medium, and high. Players must wear the correct armour or clothing if they wish to enter these areas, as they risk dying if they do so without. A prevalent concept in Rust is to form a "clan" with other players.
These clans usually create housing for their members, provide items and supplies to each other and partake in organized raiding of other players and looting.
* Community Update 162.
* Devblog 187.
* AutoUpdate.
(constantly running server -
[everything you need to create a fake Steam account and a temporary mail, and what your iP number is, you will find in folder 'HeLp for YOU']

Windows 7 x-64 and Windows 8.1 x-64.
Processor: Intel i3 or other at 3 GHz.
RAM memory: 7 GB.
Video card: NVIDIA GTX 670 or AMD Radeon HD 7870.
DirectX: Version 11 or Version 12.
Internet connection.
Hard disk space: 9 GB.
To play in multiplayer: If necessary unlock port 28015 in Windows Firewall.
Change Nickname from: File 'Change-Name.exe'.
For Problems: Install applications from folder 'HeLp for YOU'.

INSTALLATION with video in torrent or:
1. Open "RUST" with Daemon Tools.
2. Install from "SETUP".
3. Start game by "Rust-Launcher".
5. If you want to update or restart before you press 'Start Rust'.
6. PLAY.

CREATE SERVER (for singleplayer or play with friend);
1. From folder "RUST Server" run "Run Server.bat".
2. Go back and start "rust.exe".
3. In menu, press button 'F1' and enter -
net.connect localhost:28015
4. Press 'Enter'.
5. Play.
JOIN to Server (to a friend who has given us their iP address);
1. Start "rust.exe".
2. In menu, press button 'F1' and enter -
net.connect iPadress:28015 (host friend IP address).
3. Press 'Enter' and join.
4. Play.

[When 'EAC' or 'Auth' errors, uninstall-install 'AntiCheat-Multiplayer' and 'AntiCheat-Friends']